Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day!

We had 2" of sleet last night, 12 inches of snow now, and LOTS of blowing snow. It's a blizzard! Most of the snow has blown off the roof and there are huge drifts everywhere. It is 10 degrees at 2pm today with negative teens wind chill factor and wind gusts to 40+ mph. Cozy and warm inside and yummy corn chowder for lunch!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sewing Room Rearranged (back in Aug.)

My sewing room - studio sounds better...was reorganized and rearranged in August before the beginning of school and has stayed looking pretty good. (Mostly because I have spent NO time in there messing it up - AKA quilting!) Weeks and months fly by and still dissertation is not complete either. Heavy fall semester load and did NOT even touch writing. That has GOT TO change! It IS a new year - but going fast. I am going to try and post a quick note now and then. It is good to see progress with events in life :)

Son is home & Track Star Diva is at it again...

DD ran first indoor meet of the season: 2 events = 2 golds. Coach put her in new event 400m plus 60m hurdles as before. She's off to a good start!

Son is living at home this semester, taking classes and working as men's student b-ball team manager. We are proud of him! Big SNU game tomorrow night. GO OBU!