Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beyond the Cherry Tree - Why not?!

Starting Beyond the Cherry Tree - Block #1
I've waited for awhile until this quilt pattern Beyond the Cherry Tree was on a big sale and purchased the download a couple weeks ago. I even bought the the entire 11 yards of background fabric from my local quilt show last week so I can cut it all out. It was 3 years ago on my birthday that I began the Chester Criswell Quilt - block of the month as a gift from my mother. I have enjoyed it so much! However, since all the block patterns have ended and I am sewing my last one, it must be time to start something new! So, the Cherry Tree is an early birthday present for me this year. Here I go on block #1. This is a more primitive - folksy design with crooked stems and uneven circles. It will be fun!! Blocks are huge - 17" so that is different too. I have much red and green fabric in my collection from the other blocks so I am ready to go. I have not about the Bible Quilt and other projects...I sew or trace patterns or cut fabric or audition fabric a little at a time on which even project suits my fancy. Work is crazy - but life is good! Sentiments in the Serenity Prayer help me keep perspective with the craziness, and quilting is a good therapy and diversion :)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another block finished!

Chester Co. Criswell quilt block #32 is finished! It is a little wonky. Somehow I had trouble getting the center rounded - oval shape, and with the bumps sticking out of each side in the center. After sewing so many blocks well, not sure what happened with this! HA! I guess it will add to the overall charm and historic look!I have a start sewing on the last block #33. I think I should only sew when I am not tired so that there is a better chance of doing it well. The pattern has some tiny reverse applique areas that will take some attention. But, so far so good :)
CCC Block #32

CCC Block #33 The last one!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

CCC Block # 33 Begins!

The end is near for the Chester County Criswell applique blocks and I must think about sewing together and quilting...hummm.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CCC Blocks 32 (& 24 in Green! )

CCC Block #24 - repeated in green ombre fabric

CCC Block # 32 in progress
This is the second to last block now in progress for the Chester Co. Criwell quilt. I also finished another oak leaf and reel (Block 24 Alice Richmond). I originally cut it out when auditioning fabrics for the block last year (green, red & mixed versions) and now finally sewed it. I have yet to determine how to lay out the blocks. I like how Sharon has one of each block for the pattern, but I have some additional special blocks swapped with others that I will be adding. I also want to write verses - sentiments from the past and scripture on most blocks. I'll be thinking about that and how to make it fit in with the overall look :)

I'd love to hear your suggests for historic verse or sayings to add to many blocks in this quilt. Ideas??