Monday, July 23, 2012

3 weeks later.... the travel adventure is complete

On the way home from Indianapolis and returning from the Northeast I saw these "weeds" along the road often. A farmer told me they are called Corn Flowers. They are strikingly vibrant - hearty and thriving in harsh conditions alongside the road.

They have become sort-of a symbol of my travel this summer and the persistence it will take to finish the writing and research journey. I have good focused support with a new adviser and I am expectant to finish in my 50th year! It's going to be great in so many ways!

Since I have no new quilting photos to show - I've posted the next best thing - food! This is lunch at a little Thai restaurant in somewhere Massachusetts.

It was a delightful meal with my dd on her Northeast Adventure College tour. We saw amazing schools, found out about some great programs and more opportunities than I ever imagined! She is very blessed! It has been a lot of work getting this far, and she still has many choices ahead - for visits, narrowing academic priorities, and weighing options. It IS an exciting time!