Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Update

Wow! The time flies when you are having fun! Or...something like that! Here is what I have accomplished lately in the quilting world:

I have worked a little on Bible block #1. The sun is sewn! I like it! I used paper piecing to make the rays and then have based for applique to the background.

  • CCC#27 Making progress - the 4 hearts emerged.

  • It has been a long time since I actually did hand quilting. I needed to finish the border on this quilt originally begun for my now 22 year old nephew. It took a little time to get back into the rhythm of quilting but soon enough my stitches were flowing similar to previously quilted section of border. Then I was able to trim the backing/batting and now it it ready for the binding! I am very happy with it. Don't know why it took so long to finish. I think I just got bored with routine quilting of last borders once the fun - creative part was finished. 

    I still like the appliqued nursery rhyme characters and colors. It should be finished soon! And, a label is also in progress :)
    The Christmas cactus in my studio/office is in bloom. It makes a very cheerful site. I can hardly believe that the pitiful little plant with about 5 leaves that I bought at the end of last season (for 75 cents) has thrived so well and is now blooming profusely! Lovely!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Quilting Break

#26 Elizabeth Cummins block - CCC
Since last post, I have completed a little work on Chester County Criswell Quilt Block #26 - selecting the fabric and getting started. The sewing the little hearts take some finesse, but they are turning out fine. I wanted this block to be complete before the next block is out (tomorrow). That probably won't happen, but it is a trade off for a little play with the Bible quilt.

After completing one big deadline at work this month, it was time for a sigh of relief before Monday starts all over again, and for a QUILT BREAK! (Plus, throw in a few board games with ds and hubby for extra fun). With a coupled of days off work, I was able to do a little digging through things, tiding up, and dreaming about the Bible quilt pattern (Remember this find a couple posts ago?).

It looks pretty rough here, but just getting some fabric and layout ideas (Genesis - Ark - sideways Egypt with pyramids, a palm tree, and a Fabric for Jacob's coat of many colors). Since I have also been out and about in the past month to see dd on the east coast, I made a trip to Lowell New England Quilt Museum (mom joined me from San Diego YAY!). Sorry we did not get to see awesome quilter and friend Coral on this trip east, but maybe next time. On the trip I was able to gather some primitive and homespun looking fabric scraps. Combined with what I dug up at home, the $3 scrap packs at the museum were just the find of old, odd pieces that I needed! I am also adding some tiny little bright spots of color in the quilt to highlight various elements and so not all drab, primitive colors. We'll see how that works.

Just thinking....2014 is supposed to be a year of finishes. I had better get back on track :) I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Block #25 Finished

Chester County Criswell Quilt - Block #25

Intially when I finished this block at the end of last month I thought that the leaves were not smooth enough around the edges. However, looking at it now, it looks just fine. It probably helps that is it not 10 inches from my nose. I look forward to beginning on the next block soon!
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CCC #25 Begins! & Another peek at SSQG show

Chester County Criswell Block #25

 This was one of my favorite quilts at the Spinning Spools Quilt Guild in September made by my friend, the very talented and award winning quilter Debbie Jeffers! See detail below. I do not recall the pattern name (it is not an original design) but it was new to me and so pretty!

I'm busy traveling and working - not much time to blog or quilt but life is good!

Happy Qulting to All!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall flowers & treasure find!

Here are a few pictures of current yard. My favorite colored bougainvillea and a purple on continue to bloom! The magnolia tree is sporting some interesting seeds.

Window flower boxes are about spent. I have the after (now) and before photos below. The close up of the tiny purple flowers are in my window box. I added them to the mix new this year and they have done very well in the boxes. I need to figure out what they are and get again next year.

My little rescue Christmas cactus in quilting studio window is thriving and has quadrupled in size.

And, look at this treasure find! I have liked Harriet Powers and similar quilts for a long time and ran across the entire pattern set from Jan Pantek's as a cast- off in a bin at garage sale. Exciting!

Next I must find fabric for it. There are some scraps here, but I will need background and other scraps to go with the primitive look. I have dug through my stash resources and this is not the type of fabric I have - so I will be on the look out for primitive type fabric now.

Window #2

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alice Richmond - Block # 24 Finished!

How is it that I have completed ALL small blocks for Chester County Criswell quilt over these past years...AND made additional 3 blocks to swap! (Australia, Canada & USA). WOW!! That is unheard of for me. All the fun in seeing others progress and making acquaintance with others abroad and in the US have motivated me along the journey (not to mention the interesting and lovely historical blocks and stories are inspiring all by themselves!)

...Wait, make that 4 blocks to swap! This block is looking for a new home. I have decided to include 3-4 versions of of Alice Richmond's blocks in the quilt. Would you like to swap it for one of the same with me? I hope so!! (Click on the block for a closer look - please ignore my dirty lens blotch). Maybe I'll add a photo of the back too...We'll see if I want to be that transparent :)
Alice Richmond #24 in Chester County Criswell Quilt
And for the current condition of the only unfinished block I have going into Oct 2014... Here is BIG block #13 on my design wall, patiently waiting for my attention.
BIG block #13 of Chester County Criswell Quilt

Last time my kind swap partner had to wait too long for me to finish her block. This time I am using a different approach by having it ready to go. (I will also sign it if desired).  Let me hear from you and it will be on the way to you :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

CCC #20 Finished

From it's humble beginnings that I Snap-chatted about weeks ago, until completion, this block was very fun! I really like the block design. I am happy with fabric choice too - something very old from my stash fabric resource collection.

I am soooo close to being caught up on all Sharon's Chester County Criswell (CCC) blocks! Just need to finish one corner of big CCC #13 and add one curve to #24 Alice Richmond's Oak Leaf & Reel. The curve will take about 15-20 min. but the big block corner will require couple more hours. I have two additional Oak Reel (#24) blocks cut out and basted - ready to go. At this point I am feeling ready to take on another swap block with someone....Anyone interested? I hope so! Let me hear from you :)  (Sorry for the poor photography! Must have better light and clean camera lens - photo looks terrible in large view)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shawnee Spinning Spools Quilt Guild

I belong to a lovely guild and have since it's beginning. However, I rarely get to attend meetings due to my schedule. I barely made it to the show this weekend, but caught a glimpse of some great work! WOW There are so many talented quilters! Here is the show as I quickly ran through it snapping pictures so I could look at and savor more later. This post is the first of three with show photos. These are some of the simple designs that I liked and some T-shirt quilts. I still want to make one but have not yet! I have tried to include the tag on the quilt to credit the makers. As you will note, I was drawn to fall colors! (And I cannot figure out how to turn photos upright!)

OU /OSU Rivalry

Symbols of Oklahoma

Tribute to Oklahoma


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chester Co. Criswell Block #22 - Jesse Jackson (& the team)

This block whipped up in a hurry after begin put aside for a couple months pending completion of swap block for Kathleen. Now that her block is in the mail, I resumed work on Jesse Jackson #22 and it was complete in no time! (Thanks to some seat time for online video conference that left my hands idle while my brain was busy learning).

Enjoying new season of Big Red volleyball. This team photo of these smart and talented gals is cute in the "Harry Potter" library at school! DD is doing her "signature" splits in that she used to do for team victory pics in high school track. FUN girls! For the following photo, I still cannot figure out how to make photos stand up you can see dd, front and center at the next - horizontally! LOL! She is awesome! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kathleen's Block

Just a quick post to show...this is what Kathleen's block looks like - Finally! She has been very patient waiting for it until I finally finished! She sent a block to me in April. I really like how this block turned out. I have made four of these blocks and I just like them all. I think this is the best so far!   
After an entire dull summer with no blooms, now that fall is beginning, my bougainvillaea plant is finally blooming! It is looking lovely! Happy Quilting to All!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#24 Alice Richmond color choice dilemma

Hi Blogmates!
Thank you for your continued encouragement on the Chester County Criswell Quilt! I am back to work full time this fall and that has cramped my style of extra time that I had the past 2 years. I have not responded to each comment, but they are much appreciated!!

Aren't you excited about block #24? This type of oak reel block is one I have admired for awhile and was ready to make this block for the first time right away! Having a 3 day holiday weekend was just perfect! Here is my current color choice dilemmas for this block.

First, I thought green leaves and red "reel" would be good. I cut and began sewing on the same day without letting the colors sit on my design wall so I could look and think them through. Now I am not sure this was a good idea! Here is what I did...
Then I thought...This may be a bit more colorful than other blocks. Maybe I should limit to one main color...

 I prepared a green block (below). Next I placed it on the design wall and it seemed like too much green compared to other blocks so maybe an all red block like the original would be better....

 ....All red block - but 2 colors. Humm, quilting friends locally saw it and said  the "reel" red is too orange. How about switch the reds in blocks. So I tried that (below).
 Maybe better?? Or should I use all the same red? And what about the multi-colored green block (below)?

They suggested putting the orange-y red "reel" pieces there. The main problem with this idea is that one section is already sewn and it will not be easy to remove - probably leaving holes thanks to many tiny stitches. I lay pieces on top here to take a look. Maybe better....maybe about the same. I guess this dilemma will help me work on finishing the other blocks before going forward. But, I do not like being stuck. Anyway, it looks like I will end up with at least three blocks in this quilt. Maybe someone would like to swap for one? (But, not until I send Kathleen's block to her!)

HELP! What are your suggestions? 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

CCC #23 & Camp Brenda

I have made some progress on CCC blocks and now have finished block #23 (I am slow aren't I!) Additionally, I have been figuring our what to do for a swap block for Kathleen - who has probably given up on me by now!
CCC "Mary Watkins" block #23

Kathleen's Swap Block in progress

My cousin Brenda is a lot of fun! Periodically over the years she has hosted "Camp Brenda" for various nieces and nephews to spend some time in So. Cal. with her doing various activities and having memorable adventures. This summer she was inspired to hold Camp Brenda for the college-age nieces and their mothers - including me!

I went to California for the drive home with daughter to Oklahoma a few days early so I could participate. We had a blast! There was pampering with skin care, cooking, dancing, an outdoor concert in the Huntington Library Gardens, and eating at the local taco truck SOOOO good! We also looked through Brenda lovely knitting.  Priceless memories!
Huntington Library outdoor concert - USC & jazz band

Cousin Brenda's knitting