Friday, June 19, 2015

CCC Blocks #30 & 31 Finished!

What an amazing quilting journey since Sept. 2012 when I began the Chester County Criswel Quilt Blocks. Here are the last two blocks that I recently finished. #31 laurels photo is not sharp. I may have to re-take. I did some fussy cutting and it turned out OK. #30 is from an angle just for fun! These are in progress to finish off this beautiful quilt. Once finished I will hand quilt it. YAY!

#31 Crossed Laural Leaves

Block #30 Elizabeth Crosby

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Flowers in bloom!

Magnolia bloom: Notice the holes and tears and brown jagged marks? That is hail damage on leaves. In addition to thrashing the leaves, you can even see how big some of the hail was with holes clear through the leaves.
7 ft small magnolia tree with hail marks on leaves

Fancy lilies - no name
Newly obtained Rosey lily - 3 blooms this year!

Peonies a few weeks ago.
My favorite huge pink lilies right outside front big window.

Little Garden Friend - size of a pencil

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May was a happy blur!

May in pictures! It was a blur - lots of time on the road, some beautiful sites at Cleveland Art Museum, Indianapolis, St Louis & Ithaca... but most of all celebrations of life, health, and time with family! (Photos courtesy of my wonderful mother - DJ!)
Cleveland Art Museum

IUPUI 2015

Art Therapy - Cleveland Clinic

HUGE Interactive touch screen - Cleveland Art Museum
St Louis, MO
Dogwood in Ohio

Early morning at Ithaca's splendid falls
Back home!