Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Grandmother Quilt" almost ready!

The quilting is finished I am making good progress on the binding of this quilt. It is for little "George's" grandmother. I will probably never meet George or his mother, but his grandmother is a very important person in my life these last three years who had helped me achieve a major life milestone that I will never forget! This baby-sized quilt (43 &1/2" X 33") is for grandmother (and for George when he visits her). I am very happy with how it is turning out and can't wait to deliver it to Indiana in a few days!

Adaptation of "HI" quilt pattern
Peek at green swirl backing and binding is coming along!     Good bye Ms. Amaryllis

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CCC #27 Susanna Criswell Bouquet

CCC #27 Susanna Criswell - Funny Bouquet
Another block finished. This one went very fast. It is Susanna Criswell #27 from Chester County Criswell blocks. I have traced pattern, selected green fabric and pinned to background for CCC #29 Maria Criswell - dried flower bouquet? Then I decided that I wanted to use an uglier dull green fabric for the block - a fabric I had used a couple of times before. So of course I traced, cut and based again. I do not think I need two of these blocks in my quilt. I am keeping my ugly dull green applique and the brighter green will be available if anyone wants to trade for some other block of you choice...Let me know.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

BIG Block #13 Chester Co. Criswell!

The BIG center block #13 for Chester County Criswell quilt (from Oct. 2013) is finally finished! It hung on the design wall in various states of completion for quite a while (over a year!) and now it is there again... completed!I am very close to getting caught up now with all these blocks - now that I purchased additional background fabric. It was a dreary dark day when photographing so color is a little slimy. I'll redo when the sun is out...but did not want the dim day to diminish my excitement on sharing this achievement!
CCC #13
Design wall is curved - on a curved wall behind curved stairwell.

Amaryllis is in full bloom with 4 flowers. Stunning!!
Another bright spot in this grey drizzly day!

Modern Baby was basted and is ready to machine quilt! I starting pinning...but this was not going to be satisfactory so I spray basted (indoors) due to bad weather. This was a little risky proposition due to the over spray potential (on glass dining room table - so easy enough to clean) AND the fumes (requiring quick spray bursts and leaving the room to air out for awhile). However, the benefit of this basting method are proving them self as the machine quilting is going very well!

I am quilting a quarter inch down the sashing lines on each side. I am quite happy with progress being made. I will have not problem meeting my desired completion deadline so I can take this quilt to Indianapolis with me soon!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Red & Green Happiness!

I recently finished this block. It is one of the blocks from Mary Mannakee quilt patterns that I purchased online from the DAR museum  shop a few years ago. This is the second block that I have made from these patterns (last one was finished in 2013). (A good Mankee quilt photo is found online here). It took a while to complete and the top photo shows the colors fairly accurately. This has been a side project while working on various other projects. It traveled to and from California, to Indy once (or twice?) and no telling where else, waiting to get worked on. Those tiny little cut-outs in center flower were a pain and I was not happy with making them or with the end result....but by now after they have sat a while (a year?), I was ready to move on and they look just fine. The prickly looking red leaves were surprisingly very fun to applique. The block is now on the design wall in good company of 26 red (some pink) and green Chester County Criswell blocks. Eye candy for me!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Various projects in Progress

Bible Quilt -Jonah's Block
Last week I worked on various projects. It is fun for me to pick up whatever strikes my fancy and fits into the time I have. I paper pieced the sun for Jonah's block in my Bible Quilt. I am very happy with it! (It has a center that will be appliqued on too).

I also recently finished the red cutwork block that I began some time ago. I think it was Chris maybe who helped identify it as a block from Sentimental Stitches Just Take Two (2012) Red Quilt. I have collected many of those patterns when they were offered as free block of the month, but have only made this one block. It just spoke to me at a time when I am working on the Chester County Blocks.

The other project I worked on this weekend was basting the modern baby quilt. This is another item that began awhile ago (Dec. 2013) and is getting my attention now becasue I know exactly who it will go to now.  I am very excited to deliver it on March 3rd - a very important date in my life that has been a long time coming! I made the binding for it recently, a little narrow, but had to be this small to fit the fat quarter I had to make it out of! However, the quilt is small and the batting is warm & natural white - so fairly thin. I will MAKE it work because it is the look I want.
Modern Baby Binding

Miss Amaryllis is AWESOME today !

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aimee's Christmas couch quilt

I worked on a few projects this weekend. Mainly, I basted, machine quilted and machine bound a quilt my sister-in-law requested that I finish for her for Christmas. The 10-hr long audiobook Moriarty kept me company as I worked. That is just about exactly how long it took to finish. This is not my most favorite type of quilting but I am satisfied with the results and happy to post in the mail today - back to Aimee.

I did a machine binding on this quilt. Second try with this technique since taking a class in Oct. 2012. Yes, it has been that long and only two tries. The other was on Haley's baby quilt. I think it turned out OK. Still could use some practice.

CCC Block #27 Susanna Criswell well underway

Miss Amarillis has gone from a little pale plant in a cardboard box to a gorgeous double flowered bloom since early January. I received it as a gift Dec. 25th while visiting family in California. It made a long car journey in a box and was planted on arrival back in Oklahoma. It brightens the sewing studio!