Saturday, August 30, 2014

CCC #23 & Camp Brenda

I have made some progress on CCC blocks and now have finished block #23 (I am slow aren't I!) Additionally, I have been figuring our what to do for a swap block for Kathleen - who has probably given up on me by now!
CCC "Mary Watkins" block #23

Kathleen's Swap Block in progress

My cousin Brenda is a lot of fun! Periodically over the years she has hosted "Camp Brenda" for various nieces and nephews to spend some time in So. Cal. with her doing various activities and having memorable adventures. This summer she was inspired to hold Camp Brenda for the college-age nieces and their mothers - including me!

I went to California for the drive home with daughter to Oklahoma a few days early so I could participate. We had a blast! There was pampering with skin care, cooking, dancing, an outdoor concert in the Huntington Library Gardens, and eating at the local taco truck SOOOO good! We also looked through Brenda lovely knitting.  Priceless memories!
Huntington Library outdoor concert - USC & jazz band

Cousin Brenda's knitting

Friday, August 15, 2014

CCC Block 19 Finished!

Here it is, Chest County Criswell block 19 Emily Carlile finished at last! Plus a peak at progress on block #23 that I also sewed during recent trip to California to drive dd home from summer internship. Spent a weekend at Camp Brenda and had a blast too!
Block 19 Emily Carlile

Block 23 in progress