Saturday, May 31, 2014

CCC Quilt - Kathleen's Original Design Block Addition!

I was also delighted also to receive this block from Kathleen several weeks ago! She designed it to go with the CCC quilt blocks. The fabric is beautiful with a small circle white on white background. Again, the maker's signature makes this very special too! Another fun fact is that Kathleen graduated from the university where my daughter just finished her freshman year two weeks ago! Since then I drove over 3000 miles picking up her (and her stuff) up from school and taking a little road trip back home. It's great to be home!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

CCC Quilt Block Swap! (updated with house pics)

This post is long overdue! Chris (Quilting at the Farm) and I made blocks for each other. Seen together below. Very fun!! I am so pleased with her lovely block and fabric choice. Even better is personalization with signing. Thanks Chris!! She also sent a lovely card partially showing in the photo. Another quilter and I also are changing blocks. Hers arrived and mine is in progress. It will get it's own post soon. Lots of house work since last post and lots to go (pics added below). It is VERY slow and sadly interferes with quilting - but it is going to look great... eventually!

The work is hard on plants in the yard!
Repair and removal of old

New siding going up