Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Signature

I've studied and practiced and traced and finally got the nerve to put the signature design on the block. It was very scary! I think it turned out OK in the end. I want to be more adventurous in the future with design, but this was as far as I could go this time. The block will soon be on it's way across the ocean! YAY!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Full Flower Pot in progress

My enjoyment of cut work applique is partly due to working with one piece of fabric and just sewing. I baste the top and background together and it's off to sew using an occasional pin along the way to ease the process. However, when blocks have many pieces, the process becomes more complicated and not as portable because of the need to keep up with pieces and placement of each piece. I have a great system with a folder and plastic sheets to keep it all organized, but there are still all those pieces - if you know what I mean. This time, to manage these issues and still keep this portable (for a quick pick up and sew as I am able to snatch time here and there),  I've cut out and basted all pieces of Mary Mannakee flower pot to background fabric.

I am not 100% sold on the flower pot fabric. (Would be happy to hear others input!) It is the same fabric and in several of the previous blocks, but the original picture for this block uses the same red as in the flowers. While I am not trying to make an exact replica, I do want a certain look the the piece. Still thinking...since, the pot is the last piece to sew, I have a little time to decide. But not too much time with the speedy progress and I've been making these days.

DD is back home later today - so time may not be in as great of supply as of late. It's all good!
Happy Quilting!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Applique Marathon = 1/2 basted block

I began this Mary Mannakee block to add to my Baltimore group. I reduced it for 14" but it is still a very tight fit next to the edges. My intention was just to trace the pieces to freezer paper then I could easily grab to cut out and baste on the go. But no, I just couldn't stop! I ended up tracing and cutting out the entire thing, then basting 1/2 of the block as you see here. Then I couldn't help but applique a few pieces, then a few more... I ended up staying up until 2am each night this weekend working on it! The first night I have a good explanation due to waiting for DDs arrival from abroad. The second night the same for her arrival at the next destination. But last night, really, I was just having too much fun!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Seeing Double! CCC Block #7

I really enjoyed sewing Chester County Criswel Quilt block #7 - again! I made a twin to swap. Now I need to figure out the inking - signature needed to finish it properly. Where will I find inspiration??? Somehow the color of photo is not quite right, block on left is more of a dark olive color (good color on previous post), other is deep green but you get the idea. It really was fun to make! I struggled not letting myself adjust the pattern to "fix" the lopsided leaf vein - but kept true to the quirky old time look. I'm still working on smooth inside curves. This block has me wanting to try to applique some feathered plume design. Humm... We'll see what comes next. Since I still have to wait weeks for block #9 to be published - I've got some time to think about it. How could I be ahead?? That NEVER happens!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CCC Block #8 Complete!

This block was fun and fast! I'm happy to see my improvement in technique across the flower tops.
It is amazing the "extra" time I had to finish this when dd is away and not needing constant care and feeding - LOL! (That girl can eat!)
I'm ready for block #9 but in the meantime, working on another #7 block to swap. YAY!
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Block #8 Begins!

The stems are fine. The flowers will be more of a challenge. Loving it!
DD is on another continent so I have more time than usual. Should be using it more productively ... oh well :) Tomorrow.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Did it! Block without a Name - from Mary Mannakee 1850s quilt

I can hardly believe I attempted this AND finished! Here are a few photos of progress along the way. I began the block back in Sept. 2012. I think I was motivated and inspired to work on it after beginning on Chester County Criswell quilt blocks. The CCC blocks are  simpler designs but have encouraged me to get back into the habit of applique - that I love! They also have me working with some different shapes (narrow channels, inside curves, etc.) that I had little experience with. So that had been good for me too. With a block coming out each month and a blog to share the stories of the quilt and see others progress, it has been very fun. Thanks to my mom for the gift of one year pattern subscription and background fabric so I could enjoy my birthday over and over all year long!

This block design is from DAR museum Mary Mannakee Quilt (circa 1850). I like the style and the red and green. I enjoyed making the narrow, curved stems the most! It also gave me more practice on those not-as-fun tight inside curves. I recently gained practice with these type curves in the recent Chester County Criswell quilt block #7. I think this also helped me fearlessly approach them here. I have worked on it off and on with some extra time during dd's tournaments this spring.

There are many more exciting things to post...but I will save for another day. Happy Quilting Everyone!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

CCC Block #7: A leaf & buds - Right on Schedule!

Block #7 from Chester County Criswell Quilt went very quickly. I am 100% caught up with BOM now! YIPPEE! So much fun.  I am going to make another block #7 now to swap. I'm so excited to have made the swap plans with quilter Sharon from down under who designed the quilt :) Thanks Sharon!!

I finished this CCC Block #7 a couple days ago and have been working on another Baltimore block. Enjoying the Mile High city and getting so close to finishing the Baltimore block (from Mary Mankee quilt) after on-and-off for a couple months. It will probably be the next item to post. Also have traced pattern for CCC block # 8. These blocks each have their own unique challenge and I am enjoying every one! They are a great reward after hours of paper grading.