Saturday, October 27, 2012

CCCQ Block #3

I've been working on block #3 off and on. Here is a peak.
Also, here are a few more shots from fall break travels. The weather and the views were so beautiful! dd and I had a great time. She has since traversed to East Coast and is in Georgia now. What fun adventures!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Enjoying the Colorado Visit

Stayed at a nice Victorian B&B while dd had a GREAT time at her overnight college visit. She loved attending class the most! I got to join in for a meal in the dining hall and the food was excellent!!! Beautiful sunny day at the foothills of the Rockies. Off to visit the Air Force Academy today and Garden of the Gods. Then she jet sets to college visit in Boston on Sunday while I go back home and back to writing and grading papers.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

State Tourney Results

- SHS State Academic Champions! (highest team GPA in 5A) - JRob named to All-Tournament Team! - Fun reunions with many former teammates who also earned honors. Great to talk with many v-ball families too! Played great in set one but did not make it out of the first round. Regardless, it is a happy ending with these awesome honors! We are proud of the team!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baltimore Block work

Since I have not been able to sew for the past several days and I won't be able to sew the next several days, this posting will have to satisfy my craving for applique by just looking at the Baltimore block I worked on last week.
The pictured design is a DAR museum (1997) Mary Mannakee Quilt (1850-51) block. It has very fun narrow, curved stems that are so fun to do! The leaves however are just OK sewing, and the curvy flowers are taking some work to get smooth inner curves. After I finish sewing four of these flowers on one block, my technique should show improvement! We'll see... I have made this block more difficult because I did not make a overlay template. I think that was a mistake and I may still draw one for easier layering placement. What I have done is not quite aligned without use of an overlay template.

I'm enjoying having two blocks going at the same time so I can get a welcome relief from the pointy tri-flowers in #3 CCCQ block. However, I am proud to say that I am keeping up with the monthly installments of CCCQ blocks! Although I haven't sewn as much as desired lately, I have been diligently grading papers, writing reports and meeting minutes - UHHGG! Won't get to sew for a few more days either due to more work and the fun of watching dd and friends at 5A & 6A State volleyball tourney on Fri. & Sat. Still need to work MORE on THE paper.

Happy Sewing to All!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CCCQ block 2 was a pleasure!

Here it is - the finished block #2. It was a lot of fun! I would make another one of these without hesitation! Now beginning on block #3.
Here is a sneak peak into the layout for block #3. The stems are fun but the pointy flowers - not so fun . . . yet? I ready for some more papercut! I hope when I get into the rhythm of the points for this block, maybe sewing will go better. I think the finished look will be great! I am happy with my choice of dark reds this time. I'll have to play with photo setting to improve color quality of future images. In the meantime, these are the photos I have.
Thanks for the request for more info. on this pattern and quilt. The title of this posting is linked and here is the more info. on this quilt and Sharon's blog site for: Chester County Criswell Quilt

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's behind your block?

Just for fun, here is the ultimate look behind the scenes of my CCCQ block #1. (Click photos for a larger view.) I've got nothing else to show since I've missed the past several nights of applique with so many papers to grade and dd's exciting volleyball games nearing the end of season. They had a great win last night sending her high school team to State Championships next week!