Friday, October 9, 2015

Rescue Quilt #2 Wedding Ring

Rescue quilt #2 is rather ugly in terms of color and fabrics. Just the perfect strangeness for me - which are quite obviously pieces of old dressed and shirts! It has returned from the quilter. This is unusual for me to hire out quilting - but it seemed fitting for these rescue quilts and I am pleased with the results. The wedding ring has been trimmed and and binding selected and cut while listening to online conference proceedings. It's great getting to accomplish both of these activities at once! Now for pressing and sewing on the binding in this curved edge quilt with inside corners. Should be a fun and interesting challenge.<>

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rescue Quilt

It is quite fashionable for pet rescue and a worthy endeavor. Not being the biggest fan of furry pets, I have opted to attempt an old quilt top rescue. I have several old quilt tops given to me. This old quilt top was give to me by a friend. I've had it for awhile but thought to perhaps get some use out of it. It is many shades of lovely light pink with equilateral triangles design, but has some stains and imperfections, too.

I found a suitable sweet background print for it and took it to a young machine quilter to get an idea of her work. I have an idea for some custom work later, but this is just some simple pantograph curves and feathery leaves to compliment the angles of the pyramid shapes. I am pleased with the result and have already cut and pressed the matching binding that I will machine sew on - with the goal of getting more practice to improve this skill. Also in the photo is my new rotary cutter - with a big 60mm blade.
It is something new in my tool box and a gift from current guest resident in our home. It came in very handy for trimming this quilt in preparation for binding. AND.... I did it!! A binding - start to finish - machine binding on a full size quilt in one weekend (Fri-Sun) this past week, washed and fluffed an on the couch (for now). This was the most painless binding ever!
And what do I have here? Just what I don't need! More fabric - a little treat on a recent trip to a state-wide meeting with my boss. She was interested in stopping by a quilt store (to look at embroidery machines) since we just happened to be traveling on the road through Hennessey, OK. WOW! It's been awhile since I have been to Prairie Quilt and they have expanded quite a bit into a whole new sewing studio across the back alley. The previous classroom space upstairs in now all the sale items ... a sample of which is pictured here. I also bought some filled "lead' for my marking pencil. With so much applique in the past 2 years, I was almost out of my favorite product. For the fabric, I have a few specific ideas. First thought was the "Sticks" quilt that a couple friends are trying to find a time to get together and do (Maybe November?). Next was "Honey" (pyramid/hexagons honeycomb like design from Modern Patchwork magazine). With my new rotary cutter and some great rulers that I've had for while and not used yet, I am really itching to make a choice and CUT this fabric! Stay tuned for the results.