Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the home front...

I haven't posted much about dd lately, so maybe it's time. Just three weeks until graduation and lots of wonderful memories to enjoy along the way! There was prom, an announcement, and the ongoing championship track season. It is a delight to be her mama. I am excited for her future, and for mine, with lots of new opportunities for all! (...including more time to quilt :) We are blessed!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Twins in development!

Here is an update on CCC quilt blocks #9 in progress. One block is original size and the other 110%. These blocks did not get any attention on the last road trip to dd's tourney in Kansas City. Too many papers to grade, a prom dress to find (YAY! success!!), lots of volleyball to watch, and a lovely dinner with future teammate and parents.

The blocks are a bit wrinkled having been packed up repeatedly this month to take with me in hopes of sewing. The only work that was accomplished was while sitting in the back of a very large conference last week. I stitched a little on the first block on the second day of the program and a little on the second block while listening the next day (I switched to work on the darker block because it was hard to see in the markings on the first block in conference room lighting). I think I listened better on the days with my hands busy than on previous day when I was feeling restless! I stopped to take notes now and then, but overall feel I a lot was accomplished and it made very pleasant days! I'm ready for the time to sew a little in the evenings again, maybe next week...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

CCC #9 in Progress x2

I was attending a conference all week and during the breaks I just needed some pleasant divergent activity and work on CCC block #9 was the perfect solution. I began working on the larger block first but with the grey, dark (and COLD) rainy days it was too difficult to see the marked lines for cutting and sewing. So, the following day I took the dark red block where the lines showed up much more clearly. Work on needleturn paper cut blocks make me feel happy!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Palm Leaf flown in from Australia

My swap block just arrived! I am SOOOOO excited! I did not even take time to press it from it's travels. I wish you could see the awesome bright red and perfect signature! The photos do not do it justice! Thanks Sharon, I am having a blast participating in the Chester County Criswell quilt project!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spinning Spools Quilt Guild Program

It was my pleasure to present a program on Quilt Blogging at the April meeting of the Spinning Spools Quilt Guild! When I offered the program, I was not sure if the more traditional ladies in my guild would be interested. From the show of hands at the meeting, no one had their own blog and few had ever visited a blog or even knew what a blog actually was. I do not want them to miss out on the fun, encouragement and friendship in quilting "blogland" so I designed a informational program, including a basic "How to get started" section. The program concluded with a brief "Virtual Quilting World Tour" visiting some of my favorite blogs and explaining some of the culture and unique terms used online.

I was surprised and pleased with how well the program was received and I appreciated the kind comments from members who spoke with me after the program. Thanks everyone! I hope you have visited my blog now and explored some other blogs to be inspired and meet some of the most lovely and talented quilters around the world!


Monday, April 1, 2013

CCC Block #9 Begins in Duplicate

From the moment I saw Chester County Criswell Quilt block #9 I knew I would make two of these. Simple papercut is very fun and conducive to mindless & travel sewing. I am making one original size applique and one 110% just to fill up the background block a little more. I'm not sure I will put both in the quilt, but I will have fun making them! Here we go...

Original Block # 9 started
Block # 9 Enlarged 110%