Thursday, December 26, 2013

Silk & CCC Block #16 Adaline Gibson

First some eye candy made of silk by my local quilting friend Terri G. (No blog so she said I could post a pic). No color enhancements needed for this beauty!!!

Here is an update on progress on these simple blocks #16 Adaline Gibson of CCC. My block and swap block (for Chris - Quilting at the Farm) have been traced and I have sewn one evening on one block. I have changed thread type and am happy with the result of a finer thread. What's the chance I will finish them by the end of the year? I guess that depends on how may evenings I sit with dh watching TV. With the college kids at home for the holidays we have been playing board games. They have always enjoyed this and now with some new games from Christmas, there is not a lot of sewing happening right now.
We'll see...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Still Frozen!

Here is a "pretty" frozen photo! The leaves, stems, and berries are covered with a thick coating of ice for three days now. Notice some icicles are going sideways! This is due to strong winds and bending branches. I have omitted the sad broken tree limbs and the other limbs that are still hanging so heavy touching the ground. We are just waiting for the thaw in hopes the trees will recover without additional damage.

There is not much is happening on the quilting front. I made several 6 inch blocks for guild Christmas block exchange. This star and some cute poinsettia baskets with rick rack handles. I am so sorry I did not get a photo. I have made little progress on the CCC twins block #16. Soon #17 will be out! Time to catch up!
Stay warm and Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spreading some quilt love!

I just sewed down the binding on a quilt that is on it's way to tornado victim family. This gave me an opportunity to practice my machine binding skills (I am getting better!). I was especially happy to do something of value for my community to help those still recovering from tornado damage.

The project was in collaboration with a sister guild in California who made the quilt tops and sent along pieces of backing fabric, and labels. Then our guild added batting, quilting, and binding to finish and deliver. Our local guild has given over 40 quilts to local families to show support and offer a small comfort to those who lost so much! I did not take a photo of the quilt, as it was quickly on it's way out the door, but had this label photo in my phone.

The other photo is of progress on the modern baby quilt that I worked on a few weeks ago. Here it is laid out ready to sew sections together. It was inspired by the photo of the quilt "Hi"by Tony Jacobson in Quilty magazine. But, then I made it based on different sized fabrics that I had on hand. This made me change width of all pieces (I was working with some 10 " squares...then wider sashing strips were calculated to make the shapes fit together and... and so on! When will I just get a pattern and follow it? HA!
Anyway, it was fun playing with some of these bright greens and blues and chartreuse!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Suzy Rae is just laying around

I am posting this photo of SuzyRae spread out on the floor to make me feel better because I have not worked on quilting for several days as I get some major end-of-the-semester work done. This quilt was started last year and needs some figuring out to finish the top. You know how it is when you just create with what is on hand and now have the challenge of making the fabric and design all come out. Right? Do you ever challenge yourself that way? This approach spurs my creativity and takes some time to make it work. It is fun too! You may recall when I started it for a special coach's baby daughter. I just thought (still think) the name "SuzyRae" is so adorable that it needs to be spelled out in a bright and bold quilt!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Here is an update on my  s - - l - - o - - w  progress on the big Alice Criswell's #13 CCC block. (You can see it tacked up on top of the other CCC blocks where is patiently waits for me to grab it down and work on it - which I do from time to time.)

Below is the fabric and pattern for Adaline Gibson CCC #16. I am SOO excited to be making exact twins to swap one with Chris. The fabric is RJR "The Rising Sun" Smithsonian Institution Collection. It has been put aside waiting for a special project - and this is it!

It is still COLD here. We are not used to much of this. Local schools will finally resume tomorrow after 5 days off due to the big freeze. It is so unusual for the ice and snow to stick around so long but below freezing temps have not abated yet (7 degrees this morning). However, the sun shone today for the first time. So that got things melting.
Happy Sewing to All!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day!

A view from the kitchen window shows a drooping snow-covered Magnolia tree. Central Oklahoma is blanketed in snow, sleet and ice. Usually we do not get much snow. So, there are limited resources and road equipment to deal with it. Drivers are not used to traveling in snow and the roads are not clear. When it snows a few inches, (and especially after sleet and ice storms) everything shuts down. Such is the scenario today!
The entire State is under a State of Emergency due to the storms, with almost everything closed. Thankfully, we have electricity, food, and a cozy warm home in which to sit out the storm. Also, both dh and I were still able to work, but from home today. This is the benefit (?) of telecommuting!    
In the meantime, a Cinnamon & Spice poinsettia brightens up the room and some modern baby quilt blocks are pinned waiting to be sewn as soon as I finish some more work on paper grading. A big pot of Cajun red beans and rice will top off the evening and maybe a fire in the fireplace. Sadly, dh company Christmas party was cancelled for tonight :(  Seriously, we had been looking forward to it for weeks! There is always such good food, music and fun games and prizes. Oh well, I'll just make the best of my time and do something quilty instead. Happy Sewing to All!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Treasure

I just received these treasures in the mail last week. They are all the diaries of my paternal grandmother from 1936-1970.

My grandmother passed away when I was a child, but with fondness I always recall her visits with us each weekend. I remember her reading her Bible each day and writing in a diary. I  even recall seeing the red diary on the right -- although I was very young (5-8 years old).

I thought the diaries were gone (her other few possessions were damaged/lost years ago). But, they were found in storage somewhere and offered to me. I was pleased to receive them!
I have read through 1936 and learned some interesting things about her daily life in the 1930s in San Diego, California. This year her mother died. Her reports were very matter of fact about the events. She was a hard working lady but she took time out from the cleaning and mending to occasionally golf with my grandfather (who died before I was born), play cards and have friends over to the house. I never knew all of that! I always recall her stating that cards were the devil's device. HA! Some things must have changed over the years. I look forward to reading more.
What treasures do you have from your family? Maybe quilts?