Friday, July 19, 2013


Here is the start on buds for block #12 Chester Criswell quilt. The smaller the photo the better they look! I am only satisfied with the lower far  right bud. The others have so much stitching showing. I think part of the challenge is that my thread is not a good match. Hum... I'll keep trying! That is my favorite little scissor tool in the photo and the last flower that needs a center cut into it and sewn.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wreath Block - Skills Builder

I like wreaths. I have made a few and they are fairly straight-forward. The wreath block for #12 Chester County Criswell quilt appeared easy enough...but wait...what about those tiny circles in center of flowers and slits in the flower buds (pomegranates)? Uh - Oh, time to S-T-R-E-T-C-H my skills. Here is a peek at on my progress and explanation about how I am doing it. I would also be happy to hear some tips from YOU about how to do it better!

I saw instructions on making those tiny circles and slits by building the block in hand and layering the fabric under the main applique piece. A little tedious but totally doable since I have completed reverse applique before (such as those long channels in CCC block #4). I have not however, tried it on anything so small as the cut-outs on the wreath block. WOW! It is time to stretch my skills, so I decided to make the center of my flowers this way. This worked pretty well to make a tiny circle. I folded the flower in half and cut a slit, then folded in half the other way and cut another slit resulting in a tiny X in the center of the circle that I would be reverse appliqueing. It worked fabulously! I am happy with the results. I decided to make the center flowers yellow and the buds the same color as the flowers. I think I'm going to like how it looks.

Now for those thin narrow slits of the buds - cutting the one thin slit went fine, but sewing not so easy. It is a little messy - frayed and almost button-hole satin stitch look on an edge. For a first try, I can live with it and have three more bud to "practice" on. HA!

UPDATE: No! ...wait.... I mis-calculated, I have FIVE more tiny buds to sew, with two slits each. At least I am getting better at it :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

CCC block #10 Finished at last!

I love it! It was not difficult  and I didn't mind sewing it. It just took awhile to get it done with limited quilting time .. and I used some evening hours to play RPG with son and husband. Not my cup of tea but worth the time investment in the relationships. (I'd rather play games that do not require thinking or skill so I can sew in between turns :)

Now, on to the next block! I'm looking forward to choosing the fabrics and getting started. I think it will go fast! In the meantime, who wants to swap a block? I made an extra #9 block lat time for the purpose of swapping - although the trade can be a different design. I think I will make two of block #12 wreath, too. Happy sewing & quilting to all!