Wednesday, April 25, 2018

AQS Paducah 2018

Awesome Winner Award Ribbons
Went to my first ever AQS show in Paduch, KY last week! What a wonderful time we had. It started out with finding the awesome loft apt. just blocks from the Quilt show and museum. It is on Airbnb (my favorite) and sleeps up to eight. BEAUTIFUL kitchen and large gathering room - all open and light with many windows.
Celebration by Carol Gentry
as seen at AQS Paducah, KY

Next challenge was finding other gals to join me. Originally the plan was for a few ladies locally to go and meet up with our good quilting friend who had moved to Tennessee a few years ago. But, turns out she could not attend. So there were just three from our little town. I put out the invitation in the local guild and MOKA (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas Quilt study group - see their FB group) to find others. Three other ladies contacted me and signed up for the adventure from OKC, Tulsa and Pennsylvania! What awesome new talented and fun quilting friends! We had a blast, cooked and ate meals together, plus had "show & tell" each evening sharing our adventures, the highlights of the show, so much inspiration, and new treasures gathered each day. 

Now for the quilts! Here are just a few pictures of some of the amazing quilts!

 There were many Japanese Quilts including an AQS exhibits and in the Quilt Museum (no photos there). The workmanship is amazing!

National Parks quilts display @ Rotary

Cherrywood Challenge 2018 Wall Quilts - Van Gogh theme
The shops and windows in town were also decked out with quilts! What an all-around wonderful quilt adventure!
Quilt inside local gourmet kitchen & gadget shop made by shop owner.
Paducah AQS 2018 - Six awesome, fun & quilt
 travel adventurers (+ photographer)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Frozen Pie!

We were pretty much froze solid the past few days - here is the view.

Catching up on the blog...I made some pie potholders over Christmas while visiting family in San Diego. At mom's house, used her old singer. It runs so well and is simple and straightforward without any bells and whistles. Love it! And the pies turned out so cute! I am finally getting around to sharing them.

Happy Quilting to all!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy New Year for 2018!

Happy New Year & Happy Blogiversary to me!
WOW! This blog is 9 years old this month. Time flies.

Below is Di's Bally Hall quilt (hanging in Houston - guest photo).
The quilt is one of the casses I took in in November. At that time I 
learned  hand paper piecing of hexis and pentagons. Not sure how
I have been quilting all these years an d never learned this technique,
but it is captivating! I have made hundreds of paper pieces since that
time for this quilt and for the beautiful Giggleswick Mills quilt, another
class taken while at Sentimental Stitches quilt retreat in Shipshwana,

I have made much progress on this quilt at the retreat and since then. 
On a personal note, I am feeling good about the career opportunities
and spring 2018 work plans. Mainly balance is my goal for work and
for personal and crafty endeavors! 

Bally Hall by Di Ford

Di Ford teaching paper piecing

Antique Show & Tell quilt at Shipshewana Retreat

Antique Show & Tell quilt at Shipshewana Retreat