Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wreath #3

Quick update...Wreath #3 is coming along well :) No picture yet...they are getting redundant :) Worked on it for about 2-3 Friday hours while listening to dd share about her previous track day and current day practice. That worked out well for all :)
Can only do about every other day or 2 with schedule and sore fingers!

The row patches quilt (definitely need a real/better name for it!)... is up on the design wall to organize rows for "random" spread out of fabrics. Looking good. Want to finish by first of May when colleague's baby is due. FUN!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wreath #2 is coming along fine ...

Worked on quilting Coral's feed sack quilt last night. Wreath number 2 is coming along well. I think I am getting into the quilting rhythm as it is going a little faster and my fingers are getting sore - lots of needle pricks - but no blood on the quilt! LOL Didn't start quilting until 9pm and stopped at was just so fun! But could not finish in 3 hrs. Up early to take Jaz to school for an out of town track meet. It's a cool rainy drizzly day. Check out FB for the latest on the bathroom updates (paint and shower fixture installed). Did not duplicate the info. here. Writing today... for quilting time rewards :)
Happy quilting everyone!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Starting Something New?...

Ok, so I did start something new... Couldn't resist! A gal at work is expecting and I am behind the curve on this one. She has 2 girls and this will be a only 2 months. (Yes, I knew before now but was not quilt inspired yet.)

I was finally inspired by a quick fun project that I saw online the other day on SewMamaSew's blog. Simple yet stunning and my chance to practice simple machine quilting (I think just straight or "wonky" lines - cute, descriptive words of online quilter) as shown on this blog.

My personal challenge was to use fabric I have on hand. With the "gazillion" choices, how hard could it be. But I found out that I have a VERY limited palate for baby boys with the green/blue boy theme. I have mostly luscious (to me) old-timey floral and deep earthy colors. I could come up with some girly pink and yellow ...but for a boy it was slim pickins!

I am very pleased that I was able to dig into my Amish solids and find a gray that will set the background for bright blue, green, brown and jungle print. This pattern was easy and fun to cut out of my scraps and I cut it out last night. The photo shows the pieces cut and stacked for my reward sewing minutes once I get back to writing. This is good writing motivation! Now I hope it will go together just as easily!

Here is a sneak preview...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feathered Feedsack #1 block

The first feather wreath has been added to Coral's feed sack quilt.

Don't know the real name of the pattern. I drew the feathers to fit inside the 9" block so I would not have to sew over any seams :)

It was fun to watch it emerge as I quilted it, but I am a little slow.

It took 4 hours, but enjoyed every minute of it (and watched movie with family at the same time.)

Five more blocks to go.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is coming....

This was the yard yesterday at 70 degrees. I cut several daffodils and brought them in to vases. Today, 29 degrees and snowing all day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updating UFO list...

Here's a sneak peek at Indian Pots begun in December 2009. It goes in the UFO category for now :) Betty B. provided the inspiration and this "pot" fabric. Thanks to LaVonne B. for the Native American BOM pattern at Spinning Spools Guild (a few years back - never got to it!). It was fun to seek out other fabric for next pots. Do you like the "sandy" color background I found in my stash? I think it is perfect compliment to the applique design.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indian Paintbrush

I finished "Indian Paintbrush" top while in Massachusetts this weekend. Can you believe it.... me, "finish" (the top). ...but I just started it in October! The design wall that had been keeping it in front of me for those 10 min. sewing sessions looks so bare now. Everyday it was such pleasure seeing it (albeit in pieces) hanging there. Now, to get it quilted. Another, treat?...I became acquainted with another very talented machine quilter (thread-work artist really!) while on the trip and left Paintbrush behind for the finishing touches of quilting! I hope it will work out for her to add the next layer of quilting design to it.

Spring Break has been wonderful! Enjoyed the LOVELY "Thimble Pleasure" Quilt Guild Show on the East Coast! What delightful and talented women. Unmatched thanks goes to my best newest quilting gal pal Coral. She was the quintessential quilter's weekend hostess! Her quilts are amazing and ribbon winners too! (With her permission, I hope to post a photo or two of here work here in the future.) In her company there was evocative conversation, a private quilt collection quilt show (her work), gourmet meals, and the most cozy atmosphere during the very rainy, windy Nor'easter weekend. It could not have been better (except maybe if I worked more and talked less...hehe). But is was ALL good! We WILL get together again...soon I hope :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March already?!

Remembering last year's window boxes...I sure hope spring is right around the corner because I miss all the green and color of plants and trees! I hope to get to spend some time in the yard soon - when the weather warms up.