Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Quilting Break

#26 Elizabeth Cummins block - CCC
Since last post, I have completed a little work on Chester County Criswell Quilt Block #26 - selecting the fabric and getting started. The sewing the little hearts take some finesse, but they are turning out fine. I wanted this block to be complete before the next block is out (tomorrow). That probably won't happen, but it is a trade off for a little play with the Bible quilt.

After completing one big deadline at work this month, it was time for a sigh of relief before Monday starts all over again, and for a QUILT BREAK! (Plus, throw in a few board games with ds and hubby for extra fun). With a coupled of days off work, I was able to do a little digging through things, tiding up, and dreaming about the Bible quilt pattern (Remember this find a couple posts ago?).

It looks pretty rough here, but just getting some fabric and layout ideas (Genesis - Ark - sideways Egypt with pyramids, a palm tree, and a Fabric for Jacob's coat of many colors). Since I have also been out and about in the past month to see dd on the east coast, I made a trip to Lowell New England Quilt Museum (mom joined me from San Diego YAY!). Sorry we did not get to see awesome quilter and friend Coral on this trip east, but maybe next time. On the trip I was able to gather some primitive and homespun looking fabric scraps. Combined with what I dug up at home, the $3 scrap packs at the museum were just the find of old, odd pieces that I needed! I am also adding some tiny little bright spots of color in the quilt to highlight various elements and so not all drab, primitive colors. We'll see how that works.

Just thinking....2014 is supposed to be a year of finishes. I had better get back on track :) I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Block #25 Finished

Chester County Criswell Quilt - Block #25

Intially when I finished this block at the end of last month I thought that the leaves were not smooth enough around the edges. However, looking at it now, it looks just fine. It probably helps that is it not 10 inches from my nose. I look forward to beginning on the next block soon!
Happy Quilting!