Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another day....

Lots of graduations and end of semester activities!
Then summer officially begins after Sat. graduation.
Daughter has school "graduation" tomorrow...
Son will be leaving Tues. to go to Dallas for the summer for an internship.My summer job is writing in the daytime (at the library). transporting daughter around to her activities and quilting (I hope) in the evenings or working in the yard...before it gets too hot
The yard is looking good (better) and I have SO many comments on the window flower boxes that I bought in Minnesota last summer and installed this spring (they are mounted so they can be easily taken down in winter and I was able to put them up myself...a little tricky...after planting them this spring! Planted the second to last tree tonight after work and after shopping with daughter and after dinner, it was still light at 8pm...but did not finish until almost 9pm ...and not before being devoured by mosquitoes!

Here is a snapshot (what an archaic sounding term!) of one window box taken about 2 weeks has grown more since then.


Cheryl said...

The front of your house looks GREAT! I love the window boxes/baskets.
Looks like you are already into that productive summer you set out to have.
Working on my brand-new grandson's baby quilt in fabulously wild colors. No pastel blues here.
Your blog makes me consider starting one myself!
Hugs! cheryllee

...dotty... said...

Oh, I can just picture it all.....without the 'snapshot' !
I do miss my flowers and trees in Shawnee !
But there's nothing like the SMELL of Tennessee.......smells like deep woods and honeysuckle.....and childhood !
Kelley says her childhood memory of home is the bonemeal smell in the air from the plant there in town ! How funny !

Miss you !