Sunday, September 6, 2009

Missed August and Quilting

Here it is Sept. and I am back to school with everyone else. Seems it is off to a good start. Already finished teaching grad. nursing informatics compressed in Aug. Now for undergrad. community nursing students until December. There is no quilting in sight as I also get back to writing the "big" paper for IU. Wish me is an uphill battle and very slow going...but I will be persistent.
(Photo inspiration from fall 2008 Shawnee quilt show old quilt that I would love to replicate!)


...dotty... said...

I know you WILL persevere......but that doesn't mean you have to LIKE it !

I love seeing the quilts from the show........please share more here !

Wasn't there an OKC show, too?

Wanda said...

I missed the OKC show in Aug and in Jan. this year so no photos. But I will look up some more from Shawnee guild to share :)
Oh - and I corrected the year. It was 2008 Shawnee show.

...dotty... said...

Oh, now that's a great new profile pic !
If I updated mine this week, I'd probably look about 68 years old ! (You don't look a day over 60......ha !)
Missing you ! (Heard from JoAnn tonight.......had a nice long phone call !)