Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paintbrushs Bloom! ...Binding options...?

Live Indian Paintbrush can be see springing out wild along the highways in Oklahoma this weekend. Lovely! How fitting for the homecoming of my Indian Paintbrush that has returned from extending the visit in Massachusetts - since Spring Break.

Kathy Sperino, Mendon, Mass. expertly added the needed quilting to compliment the piece. She did a nice job of outlining the flowers to have them "puff" up a little. Even added some extra batting to accomplish this. She did some careful work to make the outlining successful then added swirls in the very busy background. We planned for treatment of the fractured border as different than the rest to clearly define this feature and she added parallel lines to accomplish this. She really did a good job capturing my vision for the piece and executed it well! Thanks Kathy : (Click quilt image to see some quilting detail.)

Above is the original photo inspiration I took one year ago this very weekend along Interstate I-40, on the way to Muskogee Quilt show and Azalea festival.

Now for the binding.... I have been toying with this and the idea that seems to fit the overall look is to bring backing to front for self binding. I pinned some places to experiment with this look and it accomplishes what I want. Any tips on making this approach successful would be appreciated. I will begin work on it today as my writing reward :) Thanks! (P.S. Thanks to my special friend Dolly for the very speedy reply on the binding tip! I had been thinking how it has also been a year ago since she moved far away...but not to far for internet consultation! YIPEE)

It would be a most exciting and rewarding event for this piece to be complete 1 year from conception to binding! WOW was a fun journey it has taken me on....Going new places, studying with fabulous teacher (Ruth McDowell), learning new techniques, challenging design, color and piecing skills and making new friends (Coral & quilters of the Mass. quilt guild). Too much fun!!

Happy Quilting!

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Dolly said...

The quilting looks wonderful.....I just love how you're giving us just a peek right now !

My thinking is that if you want a narrow binding like you usually prefer, you should trim the batting even with your top (if the top is still nicely square. If it isn't square, you need to CAREFULLY fold the back away from the edge, so that the fold doesn't get cut when you trim the top and batting.) Did she quilt all the way to the edges?
Then trim the backing, leaving a half-inch around all sides. Be careful when turning the edges of the two sides that have the cross-grain.....they can easily stretch, giving you a wavy edge. This isn't difficult, just have to be aware of the possibility. You can just overlap the corners, or you can fold a triangle in and make the corners mitered.

Happy binding ! Wish I were there !