Saturday, May 1, 2010

Feedsack wreath #4 and more!

I finished wreath #4 on Coral's feedsack quilt last night. Also the top of the Charming Baby quilt is complete. Working on a pieced back to "stretch" the fabric from the front of the charmer to make a backing of the same fabrics as in front. Definitely "piecemeal" but trying to make it look as if is belongs that way :) Sewing on the 4th Cog and Wheel block last night too while waiting for the track star to get home from an out of town meet (11:30pm). Here's a sneak peek. When I look at the recent photos, it seems I have a circular sewing theme going on these days. I just happen to really enjoy feathers and curved piecing. Happy Quilting!

UPDATE: 5/2/10
The cog & wheel is a pattern that I found and really liked while in Mass. in March. Pattern by Denyse Schmidt, purchased from the Old Mill Quilt Shop vendor at the quilt show. It is a large block approx. 21" square with gentle - more or less curves. The picture on the pattern -made up shows a real old'timey (ugly to non-true-antique-loving quilters) fabrics. 4 blocks will make a baby size. I cut templates from plastic and have traced them on fabric, cut out individually - the old fashioned way. Used several of the same fabrics as in Charming Baby. It has been fun to be able to do a little at a time in tracing pieced and determining color/pattern. I tried to make it baby-boyish but had challenges with not using flowered fabric. (Same issues as with the Charming baby). So many of my fabrics have flowers in them!


Dolly said...

Wait a minute !

Did I miss something? What are these blocks for?

And I love that you are piecing a back for the charm squares quilt !

Wanda said...

Ok, I'll post more info. on the blog :)