Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Isn't this lovely! It is a closeup of vintage table cloth from an estate sale that reminds me so much of a red one my grandmother had when I was a child. It is in good condition with a little toothbrush scrubbing.

Let me update you on what's been happening....teaching and more teaching until finally the semester is over! Nothing much was done in quilting nor dissertation :(

My track & volleyball diva also needed much transportation and our college international students also needed to eat!

This past week has been a marathon of much needed infrastructure repair. It was so exciting to see it finally getting done! I also had help with painting the entry now that the ceiling has been repaired.

Now that it is Christmas break I expect to have time to blog a little more often :) Should be fun!


Dolly said...

Welcome back !

I'm confused........where's the round wall of your sewing area? Wasn't that wall round? Or am I looking at a different area of the house?

A concrete patio is cool though.....we can have iced tea out there when I visit !

Wanda said...

Hiya, The round wall is inside between the staircase and sewing room. Let's see if I can find a picture of my now cleaned up sewing room :)
Yes! come visit ...when it's warmer