Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rose buds began this week...

I had to make this extra post today since the last "heated" posting had no photo and I can't leave it like that! I am still diligent in writing but need more hours in a day. You KNOW my head is in it when I actually had a dream (nightmare?) last night about the concept definition I am working on and the instrument development workshop coming up! YEOW-Za! And of course there are many much more pleasant day dreams of quilts and quilting :)

My posting of applique work runs a few days (or weeks in some cases) slow due to my infrequent picture uploads. Here is a sneak peek at one rose bud in the Lyre Wreath. (Too bad my photo does not show the 3-D effect of the gathered circle rose technique. Hummm...the close up does show that I should have used a little darker applique thread on the leaves.)

In real time I have finished 8 rose buds on the wreath in the past 3 days. That is half of the total roses for this block. They are fun to make and look great! I love it! I even dug in OLD fabric from Aunt Mimi's stash for some rose pieces to get the desired color selection. I already have a circle wreath (simple) and an eagle block (elaborate) getting ready "on the drawing board" for my next Baltimore style pieces. Can't wait!

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