Thursday, May 24, 2012

She's GOLDEN!!

WOW! 6 months have flown by. Now, I am back, emerging from the constrictive workplace to a renewed sense of opportunity. Maybe I will even get back to quilting...a long lost art in the past many months.

The main happy events surround DD. She is golden! She was State Track Champion x3 & volleyball team national qualifier - to play at nationals in July. She has been - and will be - focus of much time and attention. This will be senior year so the excitement will just continue!

DS is also moving forward with job search and signing up for summer course. Gotta love him! We are just waiting to see what he will do with his life :) We are ready for him to get moving on this task.
Show MeNational Qualifier 17s GOLD! Great girls, coaches & families!

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