Friday, April 19, 2013

Twins in development!

Here is an update on CCC quilt blocks #9 in progress. One block is original size and the other 110%. These blocks did not get any attention on the last road trip to dd's tourney in Kansas City. Too many papers to grade, a prom dress to find (YAY! success!!), lots of volleyball to watch, and a lovely dinner with future teammate and parents.

The blocks are a bit wrinkled having been packed up repeatedly this month to take with me in hopes of sewing. The only work that was accomplished was while sitting in the back of a very large conference last week. I stitched a little on the first block on the second day of the program and a little on the second block while listening the next day (I switched to work on the darker block because it was hard to see in the markings on the first block in conference room lighting). I think I listened better on the days with my hands busy than on previous day when I was feeling restless! I stopped to take notes now and then, but overall feel I a lot was accomplished and it made very pleasant days! I'm ready for the time to sew a little in the evenings again, maybe next week...


Dolly said...

Ah, such nice smooth curves ! And all one piece, just the way you like your applique.

I have to add that the photo you're using for your profile is just an outstanding block of applique. How beautifully done, Wanda !

Every Stitch said...

Very nice progress and I love the fabrics you have used. Interesting you concentrated better when sewing ..I find it hard to sit and watch TV without sewing or knitting. Mind you it is a bit tricky when there are subtitles!!

Miriam said...

Beautiful work Wanda!!

Do you use back basting to prepare your blocks??

I have to have busy hands too!

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

These are looking lovely, what a good idea to increase the size - wish I'd done that. I wouldn't dare sew at a conference - it would be considered "unprofessional", good on you!

Nancy said...

Nice progress. I still can't believe you are making two of these. Haven't heard but are you still interested in swapping?