Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quilt Study with the "Fonses"

Marianne & Mary Fons were in Oklahoma this week to give lecture and slide show on quilting. This was a little different in that it was quilt history and showcased various styles of quilt making since the 1800s. They gave these quilters their due noting the amazing "engineering" feats for quilt design, risk-taking in trying different styles, traditional style and artistic creativity.  If you get a chance to hear/see them I encourage you to do so. They were a fun and informative duo offering two different and enjoyable perspectives. Mary (daughter) a free-lance writer and actress turned quilter has a blog that you might enjoy too! It covers many things in addition to quilting. Their website "Quilty" has some great things too. You can even download a free issue to take a look. We bought the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine that is just out. I am already cutting out a quilt from it! (More on that in a future post). There is lots of good inspiration for some modern quilting designs .Below, the pictures with black background are from the slide show to give you an idea of the content. These were some of my favorites! The other two pictures above were quilts hanging behind them as they spoke. I think these were their quilts but nothing was said about them.

Solar System Teaching Quilt 1870

Modern Style of Tula Pink
Rattle Snake 1890
Happy Sewing &Quilting!

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