Sunday, April 19, 2015

CCC # 31 Crossed Laurels begin

CCC#31 Crossed Laurels - Click for close up
I am so close to finishing block #30 that it is time to cut and baste block #31 from Chester County Criswell Quilts. I decide to do a little fancy cutting with patterned fabric on the stems. For the leaves, I tried to squeeze the pattern between the stripes on the fabric but that did not quit fit so the edges will so in places. Oh well, it will add to the charm! The colors for this block are very bright green and red compared to most other blocks in which I used muted color or more patterned fabric that decreased the pure red and green looks (not to mention the pinks that I used too). This photo does not do it justice. I'll try again on the picture once the block is finished.
Here's to needle turn applique!

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Karen said...

The depth of color in these two fabrics is going to make a very nice block.