Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beyond the Cherry Tree - Why not?!

Starting Beyond the Cherry Tree - Block #1
I've waited for awhile until this quilt pattern Beyond the Cherry Tree was on a big sale and purchased the download a couple weeks ago. I even bought the the entire 11 yards of background fabric from my local quilt show last week so I can cut it all out. It was 3 years ago on my birthday that I began the Chester Criswell Quilt - block of the month as a gift from my mother. I have enjoyed it so much! However, since all the block patterns have ended and I am sewing my last one, it must be time to start something new! So, the Cherry Tree is an early birthday present for me this year. Here I go on block #1. This is a more primitive - folksy design with crooked stems and uneven circles. It will be fun!! Blocks are huge - 17" so that is different too. I have much red and green fabric in my collection from the other blocks so I am ready to go. I have not about the Bible Quilt and other projects...I sew or trace patterns or cut fabric or audition fabric a little at a time on which even project suits my fancy. Work is crazy - but life is good! Sentiments in the Serenity Prayer help me keep perspective with the craziness, and quilting is a good therapy and diversion :)

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Chris said...

How lovely! I started my Cherry Trees quilt a year ago. I am doing it by needleturn hand applique and love how the patterns are so forgiving and relaxed in their placement. In other words, they are a bit crooked and placement is less stressful than some like the Ben Biggs blocks where most blocks are well balanced and those blessed corner buds. Looking forward to seeing your progress.