Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cherry Tree, CCC #33 progress, & the countdown for SVBA quit

With several project in progress, what fun it is to be able to do a little of this and that as the fancy strikes me! Most attention has been given to Cherry Tree blocks. Mom bought this pattern for my birthday this year and I am making big strides with these beautiful large blocks (18 inch background).

Beyond the Cherry Tree
While the first block I began is still in progress (shown in previous post), I cut out three more and basted some pieces on the background while other pieces are still pinned. I sewed a little on the pineapple stems and one pineapple crown - just because they were calling me to sew them instead of just put in a few basting stitches, I sewed now!
Choosing the fabric and getting in this state of readiness then allows me to pick up and sew or take with me if there is an opportunity for hand sewing. I am using the many green and reds and a few yellows that I have in the stash from other circa 1850s applique work.

Next, the Shennandoah Valley Botanical Quilt block Sew-Along type blog is kicking off on Oct. 1st. As shown previously, I have printed off patterns and prepared a folder for all blocks. Now I have begun to trace off my desired 14" sized blocks. All the time it takes tracing on freezer paper makes me wish for the ability to copy the pattern directly on freezer paper using the printer...but I have neither the proper paper nor the proper printer (it is a laser printer and I think not amiable to freezer paper pages). If someone knows something different let me know. Tracing is at least a mindless easy task when I am too tired to actually put effort into any decent applique work - works well for the late night TV keeping family company (basically that just means politely staying in the same room, LOL!)

CCC #33 Half-way mark
Here is what Chester Co. Criswell quilt block #33 looks like today. I have sewn about one circle at a time now and then. It is difficult to make each the same, (impossible?) but I see that overall it will look fine despite many imperfections. Maybe it will be finished by the end of October :) Then I am looking forward to laying the blocks out and sewing together. However, my design wall will be VERY empty since these blocks have held the place of honor (covering the entire design wall) since mom and I installed the cloth covered feature a year or two ago.

Finally, I must admit that I have also worked on the Bible Quilt animal block a bit more - just s stitch here and there to finish the elephants and begin on the panthers/foxes? Not enough progress to show this time. Now back to some quilting before the work week resumes!


Chris said...

Your blocks look lovely so far. One of the things I have loved about the BTCT blocks is the easy of preparing a whole bunch of them at once. Sometimes I made a whole bunch of bias strips and pinned them in place. Other times I cut out dozens of leaves and pinned them in place. Just wait until you get to those delicious cherries and grapes.
I too have enjoyed having several projects on the go to pick up whenever. I also have prepped several for when I travel. That last CCCQ block had me avoiding all applique until I forced myself to stick with it until it was done,

Nancy said...

You are working on four wonderful quilts especially Cherry Trees.
You must have a terrific printer to be able to enlarge your Shenandoah blocks with having to piece them together.
I bought the pattern version and still haven’t figured out how I can enlarge them. After finding out the blocks had to be enlarged I am wishing I had bought the download version.
Beautiful work on all your blocks.

Karen said...

You have wonderful quilt blocks in the works. I just ordered year three of the Chester Criswell quilt blocks. I have one through twelve done and have not gone further. I want to get back to that project.