Thursday, January 31, 2019

Catching up from 2018!

Happy Blog-a-versary for me in January 2019 = 10 years for this Blog.

I recall that it was my goal to learn a new technology each year and 2009 was the year to start a blog! 
2018 was sporadic for blogging as most all photos on taken on phone and that makes Instagram (and (even Snapchat with my college kids) an easy post. It takes an additional step and more words to post here. But, I want to keep this going as is marks history for me for the past 10 years.  

My plan for 2019 is to post once a month. I am cheating a bit for January (date altered) but it will do.

In January several things were accomplished! First, I finished the top of Cheddar Cheese Crackers mini quilt. It is 24.5 x 28.5" and squares are 1" I begin long ago inspired by design and technique of  Lori from Humble Quilt from Dec. 2009. WOW! It took a while to find the original link ...time flies. Well, I am persistent if nothing else!  So..I love the design, technique used, fabric, just everything about this quilt. It needs to be bound next. I am thinking knife edge for binding - to try it and keep with the style for the time period. Also, something new to learn. I am thinking this could be a 2019 finish. 

Next, I finished the binding on rescue double wedding ring quilt. This was good learning /practice for binding inner and outer curves. The quilt has some very interesting fabric choices. It is currently hanging on display in the family room. 

Now, here is a bit of quilting news from 2018 that I seemed to have overlooked in previous posting:

May 2018 - I was quite inspired by the art quilting style of Jack Edson when I came across his FB page and admired how he translated historic paintings and photos into quilts. Then in April, I had the wonderful opportunity to go at the last minute to Washington State to attend a two day workshop and see the exhibit with many of his quilts featured at the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum. This was a most wonderful trip! I traveled on Southwest Airline points, used Airbnb Superhost voucher and only needed to pay for workshop and rent a car. It was meant to be! Weather was BEAUTIFUL and such a lovely artsy community of La Conner, Washington to explore about an hours drive north of Seattle. Here is the project I started on. Very inspiring! Such talented artist participants, each with their own style. ...But alas, my girl with the pearl earring rests quietly in a project bin, waiting to gain my attention again. She needs to be posted on my design wall with fabric pieces strewn around for some real work to be accomplished.  

Oct. 2018 - A bit more hand applique on another Cherry Tree block. I enjoy sewing stems - really! This block is finished now. That makes about four Cherry Tree blocks complete. I have many more patterns traced to freezer is just a matter of time before I find the background fabric to cut more blocks so I can baste another block. Will add a photo later of finished block.

Nov. 2018 - I jumped on the Instagram #50daysofhandquilting band-wagon and pulled out my Blended color quilt from 2004? 2005? I purchased the base in Indianapolis near when I began school at IUPUI. I had hand quilted about 1/3 of it and then it was put away. Now I renewed the work and recall how much I like hand quilting! The stitches don't show much, so good time to practice and get stitches smaller before I began on small bow tie quilt of solid fabrics (photos later). I also experimented with different needles and a new thimble. This rubber thimble with metal top is the best! The top knuckle on my middle finger would get irritated by the rigid metal thimble and this rubber one is very comfy! Also, after so many broken needles, I found I like these Tulip # 12 needles the best! Shorter (12) is easier for me to work with for quilting and less likely to break. Plus these Tulip needles are thin - slide nicely and so strong. I have not broken one needle in months. 
That's a quick update. Now moving on to February - Happy Quilting!


Dolly said...

How fun to see you bring these ghosts of the past FORWARD ! Congrats on every step and every finish ! With your schedule,you have nothing to apologize for ! And, I love it when you get to try a new class or workshop. Your continued enthusiasm to learn something different is inspiring !

NOW........I want info on that thimble. My old rigid ones are giving me fits ! Plus, they even have little holes where the eye of needles have worked their way through the brass tips !

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