Saturday, March 8, 2008

A hole in the middle?

Another week has flown by... I like how the Blended Spring looks in the photo. It really gives a different perspective than in real-life. The photo seems to me to show a "hole" in color in the middle of the quilt and I am thinking about replacing at least one piece to soften the eye-catching spot. What do you think?

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Miss Jean said...

Why thank you for all the nice words, Wanda. I'm really a fanatic about color. I painted my living room green. 16 quarts later I found just the right shade.
I see what you mean about the hole in the middle. How difficult would it be to replace it? If you could, I would move something over there with some more "movement". If you can't take out the square, you could even applique one of the clusters of roses on it.

Have you seen the book "Quick Watercolo Quilts" by Dina Pappas? She's an expert on this sort of blending. Regardless, the quilt is just lovely and your work is terrific.