Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another OPH fundraiser quilt in progress

This is a photo (taken 2-3 weeks ago) of the first OPH fundraiser quilt that I started. It is all pieced and backing pieced and sewn and binding cut and pressed but needs some time and attention for basting and quilting....that's the hold up. (It really is flat and has top and bottom matching borders too...but not a good photo).
I met a new quilting friend...only in cyberspace so far (Hi Coral)... and claimed that I am not a "stack and whack" quilter but a process quilt-maker and hand appliquer and quilter. HA! Have you see my blog lately?...all that I've been doing for months are 9 patches and squares! Not too convincing...but that is all I can do in 5-10 minute increments between study/writing and at least it is something! The rest will have to wait :)..except for my Spring Mini-Quilt Swap, it is more intricate and hand quilted (mostly) but I can't show it yet...gotta HURRY and work on it to finish!...but where is the time???


...dotty... said...

Some of us KNOW your work, girl ! That sneak peek down the page looks luscious.

And there are all kinds of needs when it comes to quilts. There's a good purpose for each kind we make........I have to remind MYSELF of that when I want to devote months to something that is needed NOW !

Tracy said...

Psst! Wanda, I'm patiently waiting for the mini-quilt (NO sarcasm intended here - I really am being patient). It sounds like you're going to an awful lot of trouble!

Those little teases that you're sharing sure look exciting. Don't stress; I'm not going anywhere!

Wanda said...

Let me know how you like it!