Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready to sew CURVED machine piecing...and a sample of the finished product below, approx. 3"x 2" actual size. Very fun!!


You can just call me...dotty... said...


Now, is that several different seams all pinned up and ready to go, where I see so many pins in the top photo? always did love a challenge !

Wanda said...

Yes, pinned seams in top photo. So many tight curves require close stitching and I need to pins to keep it in place. More expert quilters may do it with fewer pins but this helps me match seams well for good results. I like the bottom photo; It looks like the pink is lying on the green background but it is sewn to it! Ah-ha!

Wanda said...

Both greens in the photo are sewn to the pink...a fabric from Ruth's stash no less - visible in one of her flower quilts too :)O