Sunday, November 29, 2009

Starting now...Will write 6 hours today...just to earn those 10 min. quilting breaks!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great! Mine was spent serving a dinner for the community and spending times with our family and friends in Enid and at home. Friday morning while at friends and all kids asleep, enjoyed hand-quilting in the morning sunshine
on the baby quilt for guild. No other quilting but much family time and family games (Chicken Foot and Slap Uno). Later at home...some looking at quilting books. Now back to the schedule of writing...and a little extra since I took off on the holiday. Maybe I will post a photo tonight of what I get accomplished on quilting.... stay tuned :)

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You can just call me...dotty... said...

Rapt with anticipation !

Been machine quilting today. I basted the beige quilt on the front deck Saturday, and today it looked like the top was all ripply. Must have had the back stretched. Well, I completed the innards....hee.....and am ready for the borders. I may hand-quilt them........this new Fairfield cotton batting looks just like Warm and Natural, but is SO SOFT !