Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 - Will be THE year for FINISHES!

I almost hate to put another post here because I like the looks of my appliqued block from last post SO much. But, this looks pretty good too. It is the full view of the freezer paper template for my new papercut applique. I have begun sewing it a little every few nights. I have been alternating between sewing and going to work out at the gym! I have already made one modification. The pointing appendages on the corners had to go. They made the block a little too big for the 14" block and I did not want to re-draw and re-scale the entire piece so I let those corners go. I still think it will be wonderful! The other wonderful thing is that sewing goes well with writing (writing reward). Yep, that means I am writing too! It has dawned on me that I am working on a theme for 2011. I want this to be the year of finishes. There are many opportunities to be successful in this realm. Can't wait to go forward!


Dolly said...

That's it, Wanda Gayle, put it in writing and we'll help hold you accountable ! Cuz we love you !

I knew that chain-circle was going to look awesome ! Wow ! Great designing, as always !

I don't guess you ARE appliqueing the same way that I just did on the dinosaur, because no freezer paper was involved with my method........just trace on and go at it.

Wanda said...

Thanks for the encouragement :)
I think the technique is the same as what you've started. I just use the freezer paper as a template to draw and cut the design and then to trace the design on the fabric. With all those curves, the adherence of the freezer paper makes it easy to trace.

Terri said...

I love this applique pattern, it looks great! Im sure you will finish many things this year, but then you have many many things going on. Let's get together!