Friday, February 11, 2011

Papercut Applique

Finished this about a week ago. It was a from a Baltimore Album block session I attended taught by Zolalee at Quilter's Corner last fall. I had been eying this design for awhile but never imagined I could/would make it. Nice and portable to v-ball diva's tournaments. I ENJOYED it SO much! Decided to do more. Inspired by paper cut of quilts seen in a book I picked up at the Baltimore Historical Society (and some seen in person :), Hawaiian style applique, and Beyond Baltimore: A Prairie Album Quilt book (DeArmond, Lang, & Spitzti) I designed my own 14" cut out pattern to complement the first one during the snow days! Here is a sneak peak...

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Dolly said...

Cool beans, as Kelley used to say !

That new one is going to be awesome......a ring-like chain going aroung in a circle ! Can't wait to see it.

I got a family request for a new baby quilt today.....going to Michigan again.

This time, soft pink and off white, near-wholecloth.