Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little Quilting - A little writing

Tonya Riccuci's book, the cutest little girl name, and the Modern Quilting (MQ) work I see online inspired me to begin this baby quilt: Suzy Rae! "Rae" turned out especially good! The pics are not so great (using older camera so I can download directly to computer) but the quilt is very FUN!

My personal challenge (besides making letters for the first time and giving the MQ style another go) is to work from my stash! I love this challenge and it pushes me in creative ways! Had to use the zebra print, but not enough so added the black with dots.

I LIKE IT! dd thinks it's hideous! Also, she is OK with the "R" but hates the tail on the "E". Oh well, it's not for her! The background is a dusty pink and I'm making bright simple blocks to encircle (using squares) the words. I found some strips of Dr. Seuss fabric and supplemented with other brights.

(Yes - I know the letters are unpressed and sideways. That's how I want it ...for now.)

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