Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suzy Rae!!

She's is so much fun!! It has become a little challenging to work with the very limited amount of dusty pink fabric and resulted in tweaking the design. (However, no amount of adjustments will satisfy dd who is quite skeptical of the whole thing! LOL)

The quilt is laid out on the floor and blocks are arranged and re-arranged in attempt to get an appealing lay-out with the limited resources on hand. Only the letters are sewn so far. I know the right look when I see it - but those glimpses are slow to come despite many design iterations! Also, it took forever to get my machine stitches and tension back into adjustment due to too much time between sewing sessions (many months!) Moving forward!

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Dolly said...

I can see Jasmine's point as well as yours..........up close, it's very difficult to make out the letters, but in the thumbnail shot (and James looking at the computer screen from across the room) you can make out the name, Suzy Rae (which by the way IS a darling name !)