Friday, August 3, 2012

I think I'll do a little quilting this weekend...

My office was dismantled earlier this summer and now these quilts need a new place at home. July 31st was the official last day on the payroll and it was a happy one! I'm excited to more forward with my life and career!

"Suzy Rae" needs some attention as well as some other piecing from days past. I'll save the hand applique for evenings in front of the Olympics on TV with the family. Lately I've been watching empty handed! That needs to change!

I've also been toying with the idea of making something for the girls on dd's team. This is my last chance to give at one last end of season party on Sunday afternoon. Maybe I'll really do it...hummm....So, to work now on needed writing revisions and then tomorrow can be a school-free/guilt free quilting day :)

This bear paw was made for mom years ago and more recently has hung over my desk at the office now home in storage. Both of the quilts were hand quilted and I love the colors and textures! (that don't look so great in the photo.)


Dolly said...

Glad that you're going to get to do a little piecing/quilting. Did you not buy ANY fabric or kits for YOURSELF on your summer trips?

I got the kit that you left me all washed, ready to be cut when I get to it. So pretty, it'll match my living rug perfectly.

Sent an email to all of your addys telling you of the $2.96 fabric sale at Connecting Threads.

Wanda said...

OH! Good reminder!!! I have not posted my new /old baby. I must find the photo!