Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lucious Lemons progress!

There's nothing like appliqueing a few leaves while riding in the car on the way to dd's away games. I just love it! Senior year! It's a very fun ride all the way around and college "spec's" are looking good too for dd! She's amazing! ds is also doing well! He's making it to his 4:45am job and decided to add a few college courses as well - on his dime this time. (Maybe it will stick :) We are so proud of both! They are a blessing!


Dolly said...

That's pretty.....the last one? Or just nearly?

Love to Jasmine and Jordan....'aunt' Dot is proud of them too !

Wanda said...

This is the LAST fruit! They have been so much fun!!! Now to set it together, does not sound like any fun at all. It may never happen. The applique was the fun part and even that took me a couple years.