Monday, September 17, 2012

A couple nights of applique

Criswell County Block 2 begins (see right picture)! I also have begun tracing pieces for another Baltimore album block from DAR pattern that I like has a more interesting look! (left pic). I have extra time to play while DH is far away celebrating his mom's 70th! I'm still here with full throttle volleyball games twice a week plus weekend tourneys with dd consistently earning All-tournament team and looking great out there.

Lots of college interest and opportunities for her! DD has her pick of very fine DIIIs that she has narrowed to east coast, west coast, Colorado and a random southern site. LOL! She wants a new adventure outside the midwest and why not take this opportunity to get out there! She's all about the adventure! Each place suits her well in different and unique ways with different foci and opportunities. Her choice is challenging. Praying for guidance. This weekend in my heart is peace with one choice. We'll see if she picks the same. ANY of the current options would be fabulous!!!

DS also seems pretty happy these days with his M-F 5am job that does not interfere with classes (not so much fun) and all evening flag football reffing, playing, and coaching - oh and non-stop weekend college and NFL plus a fantasy team. He's enjoying this season!!!


Dolly said...

I look at these posts and I laugh at myself for giving you a "MODERN quilts" birthday gift. Hey, sometimes it's fun to step out of your 'norm' for a bit.

These look really good.

Blessings and peace to Jasmine (and you and papa) as she makes this important choice.

Wanda said...

I love the modern quilts too! I just have to plan time at the sewing machine -which I have not done
...yet :) it's in my head though!