Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rethinking CCCQ Block #2

Chester County Criswell Quilt block #2 is coming along. I have worked on it two times last month to get it to this stage. I like my fabric choice (red & green). I have washed my green fabric repeatedly, and did everything I could think of to get it to stop running. I think it is set, but that is the other concern about this block. I don't seem to find many green choices despite much searching. The other disturbing issue for me is the size of the emblem seems small compared the block #1. I wonder if I did something with printing to change it. Anyway, it does not size up so I am thinking about re-doing... after this one is complete. It is going very fast compared the block #1 - a lot fewer edges!

I'm excited to have received block #3 already in my inbox! Thanks to my mom for giving me this ongoing monthly birthday enjoyment!

Applique - It's addicting! I've stayed up until 3am on Friday an Saturday nights! It is so much fun - hard to stop. My favorite Law & Order ion TV reruns keep me company. Progress on the block I am working on these late nights will be reveled again soon. It is the one I posted picture of pieces recently.

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Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Great to see so many photos - you're doing a wonderful job. Block 1 is very square and looks bigger than Block 2, your printng is probably fine. If you look at photos of the original quilt there is a lot of white space behind the applique.