Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deceptively simple!

Chester County Criswell block #4 looks fairly simple but it is a new challenge to smoothly sew those rows of narrow channels around a block. (See prepared pattern here).
It will take some time and attention to keep it going well. The work so far has given me an appreciation for the women who did this work years ago in less than modern conditions! (or perhaps without as good of lighting as I have either!) The penny in the middle is to give a size perspective. I think I'm doing pretty well so far!

I won't muck up the photos by including the other events around here such as the repair work on collapse of the main sewer line under part of the house. The joys of owing an old beautiful home, and the appreciation of a reliable plumber and a good 70 year old concrete guy! Now I'm looking for a friendly banker to refinance and cover the costs!


Dolly said...

Those channels are close enough to compare regularity, and girl, I have to say that you ARE doing a great job. Imagine those gals doing that by firelight, after washing clothes outside over a live fire-heated cauldron, milking the cows, and scrubbing down the plank table.

And you have always been a good steward of that beautiful house that the Lord has blessed you with. You've done a wonderful job of making it's best features shine through, and preserving it's beauty and character, not an inexpensive OR easy task.

Struggling to replace the stove and the dryer here reminds me of the help you gave us after hubby's stroke, when we were using that old 50's refrigerator.

You're a keeper of a friend......such a blessing.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Hi Wanda, you are doing a fantastic job on those narrow channels! I love the fabric you have chosen for this block.