Thursday, December 13, 2012

TODAY!! (More about that later...)

I have made very little progress on November's Chester County Criswell block. It is not much fun either, I sighed while sewing the other night. My family asked..."Then WHY do you keep sewing it when you aren't having fun with it?" HA! I am determined to do it! To have the experience and dedication to reproduce these 150+ year old blocks. I'm wondering if anyone has some tips that will make it easier. Let me hear from you! These skinny channels are not fun for me. Actually the channels aren't so bad along the middle but the ends are difficult!

I have already traced and cut out the pattern for Dec. block. It looks so much more familiar.


Dolly said...

I don't think I could give YOU any're doing an amazing job on these blocks, boring or not !

But when I round an inside curve like that, I just clip the curve, and then make LOTS of stitches, so nothing can come poking back out again !

Dolly said...

I didn't mean that "I" find these blocks boring......(yawn)......I meant YOU sound like this one was !

A-hem......I'll shut up now !

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

I think your curves are lovely :-) When I get to the end I snip at an angle on either side of the end slit, and turn under with the needle. Take a few extra stiches, and make them a bit deeper than normal. (I like the channels better than points!)

Carol said...

Your block looks great so far! I think much the same about these little channels and I did them first and left the outside curves for last (a bit like eating the yukky vegetables first and leaving something yummy for last!).
I have been using the back-basting applique technique that I learnt from the clever ladies at Just Takes 2. I have found that this technique is working well though I do prefer pointy bits more than tight little curves.
Love your fabric too!

Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

Thanks so much for your tips and encouragement! I think I am doing most of what was suggested so it's just a matter of my persistence with the thing now I think :)