Thursday, December 20, 2012

A follow-up from last week's "TODAY" post

She's in and will play ball! It's her official acceptance response and her dream come true! Thanks to so many teachers and coaches, friends and family, and especially to the Lord for guiding each step so far...and many more steps for the future. She has also consistently worked hard to get to today. More hard work to come. She is SOOO happy and excited about the challenge ahead! It's her 110%!!! A year ago we would have never imagined this path, but we are happy too :) Thanks for letting me share the celebration with you. P. S. Tonight - I will work more on CCC block #4! It's still got a long way to go.


Jane in Wales said...

What wonderful news. It's great when a dream is fulfilled!

Dolly said...

Ahhhhhh......such a wonderful accomplishment for a hardworking young woman !

Kelley called me today to tell me the news from Facebook, and said to be sure and tell Jasmine congratulations from her !

We love you, Jasmine, and are so happy for you. May God richly bless your future !