Sunday, January 18, 2015

1/2 way through January already!

Southern Arizona Highway, Jan 2, 2015 (before snow storm)
A lot has happened already in 2015 - albeit not a lot on the quilting front....yet! I have driven back and forth from Oklahoma to San Diego, and Oklahoma to Cleveland, OH! Additionally, I have stayed at some really fun AirBnB locations which was almost as much fun as anything else on the trips! (ask me if you want to know more about this adventure in or get tips and savings).

 Now I am home for awhile. My old phone died a nasty death and I lost contacts and photos :( The good news is that this prompted me to learn how to save remotely (off phone) for future preservation :) Here are a few photos from the trips.
Chester County Criswell #26
Chester County Criswell #27

Here is a peek at the direction 2015 will go with quilting. I finished Chester County Criswell block #26 during Christmas break in San Diego watching movies with brother's and my families. Before I left I cut out #27 but ran into a snag having used up all my background fabric so could not progress any further!

While searching for more background fabric I ran across a bag with a stack of 12 vintage stars. I have had them for awhile. It is time to do something with them in 2015 especially since I found some background fabric that seems to match the older fabric so I can finish the corners of the stars. And, for some reason the set in seams seem a very reasonable thing to do! That is a very "odd" thought for me. I'm excited to see what happens with them in 2015 and with other quilt projects :>)


Chris Forster said...

I made sure I had enough background fabric before starting and cut out enough squares at the beginning. then I wasted 2 with big mistakes. However, I still have a few yards in the bottom of the project box.
In Di Ford's Morrell pattern, she has radiant star block with several more rows of diamonds and she instructs to applique the stars onto the background. Just a thought for those old stars. they are gorgeous bty.

Dolly said...

Sure you can do those star backgrounds ! Just cut your squares oversized, would be my advice, and sew from the star seam, outward. They're bound to come out with sizes a little bit different on each one, so this way you can let them 'float', and trim all blocks to the same size .

If you do find that the background squares don't want to fit, because the block-piecing itself is off, then applique is a good way to go !