Saturday, January 31, 2015

Projects Today

Chester County Criswell Quilt block #28 is in progress. The fabric is pink - made with the same pink used in block #6. When I first saw the original well worn and faded fabrics, some looked pink to me which inspired me to use pink too. I purchased some background fabric so I could proceed with appliqueing the last two blocks. I had the applique designs ready, but no background.

The pieces below are from my Citrus Wedges quilt began in 2010. WOW!! Time flies! I am back to work on it. The colors are so bright and rich I like them soooo much! Very fun!

My other projects today have been washing, ironing, and cutting binding and backings for two other quilts: one that my sis-in-law handed over to me at Christmastime. She asked that I finish it for her as her gift this year. FUN! The other is a small modern baby quilt. More about these projects & photos next time :)

I have decided exactly who the small modern baby quilt will go to now. I am excited to finish it before March 3, 2015 - a VERY important day in my life that was a LONG time coming. More about that later...for now I am happily working away on these projects and listening to library books on my phone. It is a cool, dark, drizzly day and I also have a big pot of homemade veggie beef soup on the stove and another pot of corn chowder going too!
~ ~ ~ Happy Quilting ~ ~ ~

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Chris Forster said...

Those citrusy fabrics sure do look fun after so long working with the civil war colours.