Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Pink Hearts" - CCC #28 Finished

CCC #28 "Mary McDowell"
Here is another finish Chester County Criswell Quilt block #28! (un-ironed in pic). I worked on this block in February and it seems appropriate for the heart shaped designed and it just called out to be pink! 
Thanks for everyone's comments on my blocks :) I will miss it when we have all quilt blocks and no more to look forward to each month. I'll have to get myself involved in another online quilt work group becasue this has been a wonderful experience to challenge me and allow me to meet talented and lovely quilt bloggers around the world!

Next up, CCC #29 - the interesting botanical bouquet. I tried two different fabric versions. I will stick with the dull green.

Finally, March 3rd came and went and I survived! Nothing left but the clean-up to finish. Yay! I decided it would be better to deliver in May - the Grandmother quilt for my mentor. I have been working on the label. Embroidered using back stitch - different than my usual outline stitch but seemed to fit the "modern" look better.


Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Oh yes, very pretty in pink. It has been fun working on this project together with other quilters online. My CCCQ has been neglected in recent months but I will get back to it. Thanks for sharing and your inspiration.

Chris said...

It is lovely in the pink. I too will miss looking forward to these blocks every month but am starting a new BOM, Di Ford's Antique Wedding Sampler from Homestead Hearth. But I also started the 1718 Coverlet QAL and I am 22 blocks in on my Dear Jane 2 not to mention the BB and BTCT and the Morrell is sitting in a box waiting . . .