Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#24 Alice Richmond color choice dilemma

Hi Blogmates!
Thank you for your continued encouragement on the Chester County Criswell Quilt! I am back to work full time this fall and that has cramped my style of extra time that I had the past 2 years. I have not responded to each comment, but they are much appreciated!!

Aren't you excited about block #24? This type of oak reel block is one I have admired for awhile and was ready to make this block for the first time right away! Having a 3 day holiday weekend was just perfect! Here is my current color choice dilemmas for this block.

First, I thought green leaves and red "reel" would be good. I cut and began sewing on the same day without letting the colors sit on my design wall so I could look and think them through. Now I am not sure this was a good idea! Here is what I did...
Then I thought...This may be a bit more colorful than other blocks. Maybe I should limit to one main color...

 I prepared a green block (below). Next I placed it on the design wall and it seemed like too much green compared to other blocks so maybe an all red block like the original would be better....

 ....All red block - but 2 colors. Humm, quilting friends locally saw it and said  the "reel" red is too orange. How about switch the reds in blocks. So I tried that (below).
 Maybe better?? Or should I use all the same red? And what about the multi-colored green block (below)?

They suggested putting the orange-y red "reel" pieces there. The main problem with this idea is that one section is already sewn and it will not be easy to remove - probably leaving holes thanks to many tiny stitches. I lay pieces on top here to take a look. Maybe better....maybe about the same. I guess this dilemma will help me work on finishing the other blocks before going forward. But, I do not like being stuck. Anyway, it looks like I will end up with at least three blocks in this quilt. Maybe someone would like to swap for one? (But, not until I send Kathleen's block to her!)

HELP! What are your suggestions? 


Chris Forster said...

I like the first option with the 2 colours. You could make 2 different ones for the quilt. I have not even considered colour choices yet although I have printed it off.

Miriam said...

I have started mine and I am using red and green, just like your first photo. I like all of your colour combinations, but I think your choice may eventually be influenced by which blocks are around it in the finished quilt.
An oak reel block was the very first block I ever appliqued. It is still my favourite block!

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Decisions, decisions! I love the all green one, but that might be because mine is all red. I do like the two colour ones.
I laid all my blocks out last night to get an idea of placement. There are far more blocks than spaces, the end is in sight!

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Oooh so many choices! I love the two colours, what a great idea! My favourite is the last photo.

Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

Thank you quilting friends for your comments and suggestions. It looks like I can't go wrong with any of these choices!