Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blended blocks & Design Wall

Here is a picture I know you have been waiting for....some of the blended blocks layed out side by side. However, this is not the plan for how I will put them together. I have an alternate block fabric that is fabulous and I actually used it to help me envisioin a color palette in line with that fabric. I will have to take another photos of that...but maybe I will do it after it is sewed together. The next challenge will be starting on the borders....Ahhh but designing is always the fun part...esp. designing as I go... The design wall will help with this. It is a good size 48x48 and I have it proped up on the table against the wall behind the sewing machine. It was made (by Supermom as you know...out of light weight insulation board from a local hardware store covered with felty-flannel fabric. Fabric pieces stick to it and I can stick pins in it if desired too.

PS. No more raining water leaks :) Hopefully repairs are final!

1 comment:

Miss Jean said...

Love, Love, Love the blocks! Blended quilts aren't as easy as you might think. You have done an awesome job!!!